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02-Mar-2000 Speaker Luncheon: The Role of Ethics in a Fair, Efficient and Effective Marketplace Barbara Stymiest, President, Toronto Stock Exchange
02-Dec-1999 Speaker Luncheon: Ethical Consideration for Small Business: Avoiding the Ethical Minefield Catherine Swift, President and CEO, Canadian Federation of Independent Business
06-May-1999 Speaker Luncheon: Towards a Realistic International Child Labour Policy: Hélène Yaremko-Jarvis, Canadian Employers Council Delegate to the International Labour Organization
01-Apr-1999 Speaker Luncheon: Beyond Product Sales: Considerations other than the Bottom Line. David Brown, Chairman, Ontario Securities Commission; Co-sponsored with the Institute of Corporate Directors
02-Dec-1998 Speaker Luncheon: Ethical Responsibility in the Global Marketplace Roy Culpeper, President, North-South Institute
04-May-1998 Speaker Luncheon: Doing Business in Foreign Cultures Prof. Len Brooks, Rottman School of Management, University of Toronto
05-Nov-1997 Speaker Luncheon: Temptation Surrounds Us: Identifying the Apple Biters Deborah Thompson, Vice President, Lute & Company
17-Sep-1997 Speaker Luncheon: An Update on the Ethical Governance of Mutual Funds Glorianne Stromberg, Commissioner of the Ontario Securities Commission
02-Apr-1997 Speaker Luncheon: A Debate. Resolved: That Corporations Should be Accountable Only to their Shareholders Terence Corcoran, Columnist, The Globe & Mail and Carol Hansell, Partner, Davies, Ward & Beck

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