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06-Sep-2006 Global Reporting Initiative An international, multi-stakeholder effort which has produced a framework for voluntary reporting of the economic, environmental, and social impact of organization-level activity. The Guidelines are available for downloading.
06-Sep-2006 Industry Canada Industry Canada's website includes information on the benefits of CSR, case studies, tools for business as well as what the private sector and Industry Canada is doing to promote CSR.
06-Sep-2006 Business and Professional Ethics for Accountants, 2nd Edition A listing of the websites used in this book; links to associations as well as codes of conduct and various cases.
06-Sep-2006 Corporate Sustainability Reporting in Canada Bench Mark Surveys in Canada Several benchmark surveys of corporate sustainability reporting practices in Canada conducted by Stratos Inc, a Canadian consultancy.
06-Sep-2006 Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada A bilingual national membership organization of ethics officers, consultants and academics.  The site provides a comprehensive contact list of members as well as a calendar of events.
06-Sep-2006 Codes of Ethics for Engineers and Scientists A sampling of various codes from professional societies for engineers and scientists.
06-Sep-2006 Canadian Business Ethics Research Network A comprehensive source of information about people, organizations, firms and research centres with an active interest in business ethics and business ethics research.  The site also strives to provide information about learning and research tools such as case studies, bibliographies, ethics codes, ethics programs and related materials.
06-Sep-2006 Caux Round Table A group of senior business leaders from Europe, Japan and North America who view business as having an important role in identifying and promoting solutions to key social, physical and economic global issues.
06-Sep-2006 Global Compact: A UN Initiative A network of six UN agencies that together promote the Global Compact, a voluntary initiative which is concerned with human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption and which seeks to promote responsible corporate citizenship. Has sections on guiding principles, how to transform these principles into practice, an events calendar, and news.
06-Sep-2006 EthicsScan Canada Inc. The Resource Centre of EthicScan Canada, including a comprehensive FAQ section and a extensive set of links on a variety of issues

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