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06-Sep-2006 European Business Ethics Network A non-profit group consisting of academics, business, public sector, and voluntary organizations. Provides an annual conference, publications, and a forum for research.
06-Sep-2006 Ethics Codes Web Site This web site features the Compendium of Ethics Codes and Instruments of Corporate Responsibility which identifies and assembles the most significant and influential codes and other instruments of corporate responsibility.  It also features an emerging Canadian Ethics Research Network, a Guide to Instruments of Corporate Responsibility and a Canadian Vision and Next-steps CSR National Agenda.
06-Sep-2006 Ethics Resource Centre An organization aimed at fostering ethical practices in individuals and institutions. Contains a library of publications, videos and a quarterly newsletter.
06-Sep-2006 Ethics and Compliance Officer Association An American-based professional association for managers of corporate ethics and compliance programs. Offers a free monthly newsletter, professional development programs and an annual conference
06-Sep-2006 EthicsWeb CA A collection of over 30 codes of ethics under the professional heading, and a collection of 12 codes of ethics under the business heading. The site also includes a business ethics blog and a large selection of links to other applied ethics resources, including business ethics.
06-Sep-2006 AccountAbility An international membership organization, based in the UK, that promotes accountability innovations that advance responsible business practices, and the broader accountability of civil society and public organizations including the AA1000 Series Sustainability Assurance and Stakeholder Engagement Standards
06-Sep-2006 Transparency International-Canada Canadian chapter of Transparency International dedicated to informing business, government, and the public of the effects of corruption in the international marketplace. Has an index of readings a Corruption index and a Bribe Payers index.
06-Sep-2006 Social Investment Organization A Canadian membership-based organization that promotes the practice of socially responsibility investment.
06-Sep-2006 Social Accountability International A standards organization, based in the US, formerly know as the Council on Economic Priorities Accreditation Agency (CEPAA).  This site contains information on ethical sourcing, human rights for workers and international standards, primarily focus on the SA8000 system.
06-Sep-2006 Imagine Canada Launched in January 2005, Imagine Canada builds on the history of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (CCP) and the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations (NVO) and is dedicated to advancing the role and interests of the charitable sector. The resource collection linked to here contains materials that address the topics of corporate social and environmental responsibility, corporate philanthropy, corporate accountability and transparency, and corporate community investment projects, including employee volunteerism and more.

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