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02-Nov-2012 is a global network of persons and institutions interested in various fields of applied ethics. It offers access to a large number of resources on ethics and related themes especially through its leading global digital ethics library with more than 1.2 million full text documents.


02-Nov-2012 Cuckoo's Nest

EthicsCentre's Chris Chorlton publishes memoir

Cuckoo's Nest is a recently published collection of short stories written by Chris Chorlton, a former Chair of the Ethics Centre, based on his life experiences. A number of the stories have been published in Canadian newspapers such as The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star. All royalties arising from the sale of Cuckoo's Nest will be donated to The Rotary Foundation. Wilf Wilkinson, Chair of The Rotary Foundation has written a foreword to Cuckoo's Nest. 

"These are stories I can relate to, " says Wilf, "all written with a dash of humour, a touch of sadness, a pinch of whimsy, and a little dose of reality". Larry Hebb, another former Chair of the Centre, says "They are a wonderful collection of anecdotes about life's ups and downs but reflect an underlying optimism". 

So far about $5,000 has been raised for the Foundation. Contact Chris at and for further information about the book, including other reviews, visit

27-Sep-2011 Veritas Institute

The mission of the Veritas Institute (formerly known as SAIP Institute) at the University of St. Thomas's Opus College of Business in Minneapolis, MN is to foster ethically and socially responsible organizational conduct by promoting, applying, adapting, and continually improving the Self-Assessment and Improvement Process (SAIP).† Through its engagements with practitioners and collaborations with scholars, the Institute also aids the formation of ethical, effective leaders.

08-Mar-2010 Ethics Centre Speakers' Bureau

EthicsCentre CA provides speakers to groups and schools interested in exploring the application of ethical values in the decision-making process of business and other organizations. Please contact the Centre at for†information on available†speakers and topics

We also respond to requests from corporations, institutions and organizations seeking assistance in reaching ethical policy decisions in all aspects of their operations. Please contact the Centre at for more information.


16-Feb-2010 Canadian Business Ethics Research Network

Canadian Business Ethics Research Network
The Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN) aims to promote knowledge sharing, collaboration and partnerships within the field of Business Ethics, Corporate Socially Responsibility, Sustainability, and related areas, across private, governmental, voluntary and academic sectors.


29-Jul-2009 ethipedia is an interactive encyclopedia of sustainable business practices from around the world. "Ethipedia" is†an online database of concrete practices adopted by organizations seeking to incorporate greater social and environmental responsibility into their operations.

29-Apr-2008 EthicsWorld Ethicsworld, is a non-profit forum for news, analysis and information on the related fields of business ethics, governance, and anti-corruption. Everday we scan the world press to bring you the latest ethics-related news in short and to-the-point summaries. Our feature reports are best-practice oriented and range from the latest research and surveys on workplace ethics to exclusive articles by leading anti-corruption activists.†† Sign†up for our regular newsletters at
06-Sep-2006 Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for Managers A free 20 page online guidebook for profit or non-profit managers.
06-Sep-2006 International Business Ethics Institute A nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational organization, based in Washington DC that aims to increase ethical dialogue through quarterly publications, research projects and a roundtable discussion series. Assists companies in establishing an international business ethics program.
06-Sep-2006 Government of Canada Office of Consumer Affairs A useful Canadian site with information and an inventory on codes of conduct, codes of practice, voluntary   initiatives, and guidelines or non-regulatory agreements.

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