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16-Jan-2012 Ethical Responsibilities of Securities Lawyers Ethical Responsibilities of Securities Lawyers

By: Edward Waitzer, Senior Partner, Stikeman Elliott LLP

29-Jun-2011 The End of Lawyers? by Richard Susskind Book Review by: Seymour Trachimovsky
26-Aug-2010 The TI-Canada Newsletter, Summer 2010 Edition Please find attached the The TI-Canada Newsletter, Summer 2010 Edition, containing articles on the following:

TI-Canada launches Business Roundtable
Efforts to curb foreign bribery remain inadequate
Avoiding the pitfalls: Don't get shafted
TI-Canada AGM and new Board Members
29-Sep-2008 Checklists for Creating and Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Culture A resource drawn from:Ethics & Governance: Developing & Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Culture, 3e,

By L.J. Brooks & D. Selley
29-Sep-2008 Creating Scorecards from Ethics and Governance Checklists Creating scorecards for assessing aspects of an organization's ethical corporate culture from:

Ethics & Governance: Developing & Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Culture, 3e

By L.J. Brooks and D. Selley
12-Sep-2008 Codes of Conduct in the Private Sector - A review of the Academic Literature from 1987 to 2007 Codes of Conduct in the Private Sector is a literature review of academic articles (with some exceptions) published in refereed journals or chapters in academic books. The study describes in summary fashion the research that has been conducted over the past two decades, and outlines the topics and themes researched, the methodologies used and general conclusions.

By Dr. A. Scott Carson, Dr. Mark Baetz and Professor Shelley McGill
12-Mar-2008 Companion Website for Ethics & Governance: Developing & Maintaining An Ethical Corporate Culture, 3e This companion website is intended to assist readers in accessing websites used in Ethics & Governance, and in presenting additional, up-to-date helpful websites and references.
06-Mar-2008 Ethics & Governance: Developing & Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Culture, 3e NEWS RELEASE - NEW BOOK - JUST RELEASED ON MARCH 6, 2008

By Leonard J. Brooks and David SelleyPublished by the Canadian Centre for Ethics & Corporate Policy, Toronto

Designed to provide practical guidance for directors, executives and managers about the core of governance reform developing a culture of integrity this book begins by developing the business case for integrating ethics into a corporation's governance and operations. It follows with sections on developing and maintaining that culture; on topics of special interest followed by appendices on corporate social responsibility and sustainability, and on governance frameworks; and concludes with key helpful readings. Checklists are provided that will facilitate the diagnosis of flaws in a corporation's current culture. A companion website is available to provide useful web links, current readings and commentary on developing problems.
01-Nov-2006 Ethics Still Un-Addressed in Pandemic Preparedness: Possible Planning Guidelines This version of Dr. Kirsty Duncan's article, originally published in the Fall 2006 edition of Management Ethics includes two additonal figures: an ethical framework and a Pandemic Planning Guideline. In the Spring 2006 edition of Management Ethics set past flu pandemics in historical context and discussed the anticipated "bird flu" threat along with emerging legal and ethical questions that employers - and employees - will likely face. Dr. Duncan explores these ethical dilemmas in this edition of Management Ethics as she explains the critical need for employers to develop effective preparedness plans as soon as possible.
01-May-2004 Submission Re: Proposed Policy on Effective Corporate Governance and Instrument on Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices In response to the Ontario Securities Commissions effort to improve corporate governance (Proposed Multilateral Policy 58-201 and Proposed Multilateral Instrument 58-101) the EthicsCentre recommended that the Proposed Instrument required every issuer to have a Code of Conduct.

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