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19-Jan-2018 Ethics News January 19, 2018 Featured Articles include:

In this month’s first article Sylvia Vorhauser – Smith, in Forbes, discusses humanizing technology and digitizing humanity – in terms of new technologies and the ethical parameters around which they should be assessed.

In our second article, from the American publication Think Progress, there is a discussion of the relationship between ethics, corporate strategy and PR, in terms of corporate misdirection regarding the recently approved GOP tax cuts.

In our third article, Andrew Ross Sorkin, writing in the New York Times, reports that when a multi – trillion-dollar investor talks about social responsibility, companies listen.

And saving the best for last, we are excited to provide you with a link to The Concise Encyclopedia of Business Ethics – at The Encyclopedia is published on a nonprofit basis by the Journal Review Foundation, and is edited by Chris MacDonald (an Ethics Centre Board member) and Alexei Marcoux, editors of the Business Ethics Journal Review. Its aim is to provide readers with a brief, useful overview of business ethics. It provides key definitions, main areas of controversy, and pointers for further reading in 29 short and readable entries.

14-Dec-2017 Ethics News December 14, 2017 Featured Articles include:

In this month’s first article, from The New York Times, Howard Schultz, the Executive Chairman of Starbucks says “There is a great need to achieve the fragile balance between profit, social impact and a moral obligation” to do everything possible “to enhance the lives of our employees and the communities we serve”.

In our second article, written by Monica Thakar for Forbes, read about six ways in which leaders can live out their values and create an ethical organization.

Our third article, written by Gael O’Brien for Business Ethics Magazine, discusses cultural change at Uber and how leaders can take a fresh look at their culture, and “create an environment where behaving ethically is easy”.

16-Nov-2017 Ethics News November 16, 2017 Featured Articles include:

This month’s first article, by Ken Belson in The New York Times, discusses claims by the families of debilitated former NFL players who say the league is obstructing their access to an estimated $1 billion settlement over concussions by reflexively rejecting valid claims and bogging down the process with unreasonable demands.

In our second article, from The Globe and Mail, Stephen Murphy, the Incoming President of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, writes that the gender gap is everyone’s problem – and to bridge it, engage men.

Our third article by the Editorial Board of The Toronto Star, “Ottawa needs to raise its ethical game” begins, “We need a better conflict of interest law and a watchdog who can do more than simply enforce it. But, as trust erodes and our democracy is tested, we also need moral leadership from our elected officials.”

17-Oct-2017 Ethics News October 17, 2017 Featured Articles include:

This month’s first article, from The Guardian, deals with technology in the workplace and a distorting effect of automation, asking the question, “To what extent are we being turned into workers that resemble robots?”

In our second article, from Business Ethics Highlights,“Transparency: Should Corporations Have Privacy Rights?” the editors direct us to The Washington Post, which addresses the rising trend of disclosure by companies of their political spending, “as employees and customers increasingly want to know more about the political positions and values of the companies they do business with”.

Our third article, by Terry O’Reilly of CBC Radio, explores how brands are becoming political.

19-Sep-2017 Ethics News September 19 2017 Featured Articles include:

This month’s first article from Business Ethics Highlights, asks the question, “Should a Man Head an Organization to Promote the Interests of Women?”

In our second article, Science Magazine writes, “Pharma Company Protects Patent by Leveraging Mohawk Nation’s “Sovereign Immunity”

Our third article, from the New Yorker asks, “Are Bosses Dictators?

14-Aug-2017 Ethics News August 14 2017 Featured Articles include:

In this month’s first article, the L.A. Times reports, “By firing engineer. Google shows what you can say – and what you can’t – at work.”

In our second article, Ryerson’s Dean of Business explains why “Diversity is Good for Business”.

Our third article, from the Globe & Mail, “Air Transat head pushes back on Liberal’s proposed passenger Bill of Rights”, asks if Government can intervene effectively to protect the interests of air passengers.

In our fourth article, “Conflict of interest, anyone?” the Washington Post writes, “Study: Doctors received more that $46 million from drug companies marketing opioids.”

19-Jul-2017 Ethics News July 19 2017 Featured articles include:

Reuters reports the VW emissions fraud scandal continues, with fresh accusations involving VW’s subsidiary, Porsche.

In our second article, the Volkov Law Group LLC provides useful insight into how the US Department of Justice makes decisions about laying charges in cases of wrongdoing.

Our third article is an interesting story from the CBC, which implies the need to rethink the social impact of business:

In our fourth article, Ethics Centre Board member Chris MacDonald contemplates the relationship between doing well in business and doing good.

09-Jun-2017 Ethics News June 9 2017 The Canadian Centre for Ethics & Corporate Policy (“Ethics Centre”) is excited to announce the launch of “Ethics News".

Featured articles include:

Kristin Rivera and Per-Ola Karlsson of the Harvard Business Review write, “CEOs are Getting Fired for Ethical Lapses More Than They Used To”.

Q&A Session with Alex Butler of Bloomberg Law, who discusses the future of compliance and ethics programs.

Our third article is written by Christoforos Pappas of eLearning Industry and addresses “9 Must – Haves For Successful Business Ethics Online Training”.

25-Feb-2016 Translating values and behaviour into sustained action An ethical culture is critical to a business’s long term success and begins with organizational values and ethical leadership. We know that companies with codes of conduct and programs to support them in place outperform those that don’t…….

By: Ula Ubani, Chief Ethics Officer, BMO Financial Group

16-Dec-2015 Conflict of interest and the perception of conflict of interest - new boundaries for Canada's lobbyists? Recent guidance restricting lobbyists’ relationships with federal political candidates will put pressure on the profession …..

By: J. Stephen Andrews, Government Relations Advisor, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

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