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26-May-2011 Trust in Transition - Earning Credibility in a Time of Suspicion John Dalla Costa, Centre for Ethical Orientation

For many reasons, Canada has become a "less trusting" society. Research shows that the long-term decline in public confidence towards companies and government institutions coincides with the uptake of governance, compliance and corporate social responsibility programs. What does this paradox reveal? Do managers really understand the roots for this epidemic of mistrust? And might this suspicion represent an opportunity beyond the obvious liability? Leading organizations around the world have been wrestling with these questions, and boards, CEOs and managers have begun to respond with exciting new initiatives for what can be called "collaborative-credibility." Business ethicist and writer John Dalla Costa will share the lessons from his latest research, and provide recommendations and tools for engaging these new terms of integrity.
11-May-2011 Credibility in Social Responsibility and Sustainability Performance Reporting Todd Hall, Director - Sustainable Development, Ontario Power Generation Inc. and Bob White, President, B.R.I. International Inc.

The following is a summary of the topics to be discussed in a one-hour dialogue on the various ways organizations can enhance the credibility of their reports and claims about social responsibility and sustainability.

1. Discussing why credibility is critical

2. Enhancing credibility through verification.

3. Assurance of claims of CSR performance using instruments such as GRI, AA1000AS, ISO 26000.

4. Establishing the value of reporting - issues related to the lack of 'Sustainability Reporting'.

5. Determining the ROI related to assurance.

6. Exploring verification options.

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28-Apr-2011 Responsibility to Protect - a Challenging Concept Madame Louise Fréchette, Distinguished Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation of Waterloo, Former Deputy Secretary-General of the UN

The situation in Libya has raised a fundamental question: how far should we go to protect civilian populations from the abuses of their own government? Evolving international law and the experience of the last 20 years provide some guidance but the international community is still debating what is the most appropriate answer. The issue will continue to be one the most difficult facing the United Nations.
05-Apr-2011 Conflict of Interest: What Is It and Why Does it Matter? Chris MacDonald, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar, Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics & Board Effectiveness, Rotman School of Management

Conflict of interest is a pervasive issue in modern business, politics, and professions. Yet few have a clear understanding of just what conflict of interest is, why it is important, and what to do about it. This presentation is aimed at providing an understanding of why conflict of interest is best seen as a matter of institutional, rather than personal, integrity, and at outlining concrete steps that individuals and organizations can take to avoid, and when necessary manage, conflicts of interest that arise.
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09-Mar-2011 Who's afraid of financial literacy? Ellen Roseman, Reporter, The Toronto Star

Canada is creating a national strategy on financial literacy, hoping to make individuals save and invest more and depend less on credit. Improved education can help, but it's not a panacea, especially when corporations don't behave responsibly.
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17-Feb-2011 Transparency & Reporting on Corporate Citizenship Alan Willis, President, Alan Willis & Associates and Lynn Patterson, Director, Corporate Responsibility, RBC

Transparency & Reporting on Corporate Citizenship

An overview of the current landscape of sustainability/corporate responsibility & citizenship reporting in Canada and elsewhere will be presented (including how many and which companies are providing such reports and why, what guidelines and standards exist to advance the reliability and usefulness of such reports, and current challenges and trends in such reporting). Participants will then gain insights into the corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting of a major Canadian financial institution. This will cover the continuing evolution of its reporting, the business case and strategic purpose , associated costs and benefits, the primary internal and external users of this reporting, the key information elements of the reports, use of the corporate website, the internal team and process for preparing these reports, and challenges encountered along the way and how these were overcome. Related themes will include integration of corporate responsibility and transparency values, policies and practices within a company's culture, strategy, operations, stakeholder engagement and other external disclosure processes.
12-Jan-2011 The Siemens Story Dr. Hentie Dirker, Regional Compliance Officer, Siemens Canada Limited

The Siemens Story

From 2006 to 2008 Siemens found themselves in the middle of one of the biggest corporate corruption scandals to date. In his presentation, Hentie Dirker will offer a glimpse of the huge compliance challenges Siemens faced and how they were tackled. He will describe how Siemens focused on changing its corporate culture to tackle corruption problems and introduce practical measures aimed at increasing individual accountability. These efforts translated into cutting edge training programs, new policies and controls and global online tools which taken together resulted in a best in class compliance program.
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02-Dec-2010 Say on Pay and Executive Compensation Matt Fullbrook, Manager, Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics and Board Effectiveness in the absence of Stephen Griggs, Executive Director, Canadian Coalition for Good Governance
18-Nov-2010 Ethics and Enterprise Risk Management, Part II Hilary Randall-Grace, Chief Ethics Officer & Director Risk Management, Deloitte & Touche LLP

We continue to read about the importance of corporate culture as it relates to risk management. Hilary Randall-Grace will continue her earlier presentation on the significant role of ethics in an organization's risk management practices, turning her focus to the people side of risk management and the creation of an ethical culture.
04-Nov-2010 Workaholism and the Loss of Integrity Dr. Barbara Killinger, Clinical Psychologist and Author

In today's world of anxious uncertainty, personal and professional integrity are being challenged as ambitious people seek to gain a competitive advantage through dubious dealings that by-pass the regulatory standards, rules, and ethics that keep society as a whole safe.

Dr. Killinger's psychological approach is essential in understanding this alarming trend because integrity is an internal state of being, in contrast to the externally-imposed values of morality and ethics. Discover why and how the inner dynamics of workaholism, and the predictable breakdown syndrome that this addiction to power and control typically follows, lead to the profound personality and character changes that encourage the tragic loss of this most precious attribute.

Dr. Killinger is a pioneer in the field of workaholism. Her best selling book Workaholics: The Respectable Addicts has been published in nineteen countries, in nine languages. To view other publications by Dr. Killinger, visit

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