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27-Jun-2012 Ethical Issues in the Work Environment through Personal Experiences The Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy invites you to this event co-sponsored by the Centre and McMaster University's DeGroote School of Business.

Chantel Broten, Vice President / Chief Strategy Officer at JAN Kelley Marketing, will speak about personal ethical issues she has faced in the marketing industry on a small business level. Small business is personal, and personal ethics align with business ethics to a very high degree.

James Peters, President at Hadrian Manufacturing Inc., past Chairman of the BEDC Board, will speak about ethical issues in the manufacturing industry on a global level.

16-May-2012 Addressing Inequality Edward Waitzer, Senior Partner, Stikeman Elliott LLP

A generation from now we’re going to look back and wonder how our existing governance frameworks (public as well as private) lasted so long. Most agree that we need to find new models to collaboratively address global challenges. What emerges must focus on achieving better balance – e.g., between finance and the rest of the economy; between current and future generations. Crises of inequality and governability easily feed vicious cycles, especially in our tightly inter-connected world. We need to be careful about the politics about denial, devisiveness, scapegoating and turning inwards. Ed will explore a reform agenda for both the political and economic sectors.

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12-Apr-2012 Fair Licensing in the Professions The Fairness Commissioner, Hon Jean Augustine, PC, CM, will speak about her oversight of the regulated professions in Ontario. Her role is to ensure that their licensing practices are transparent, objective, impartial and fair and that their responses to applicants are timely. The Commissioner will speak to how ethical principles are applied in her work. View Speech
03-Apr-2012 Selection and Implementation of a GRC System Joann Sochor, Associate VP, Compliance Services, TD Bank Group

The presentation will cover the following aspects of GRC:
• General background on GRC, including basics, major trends and lessons learned
• GRC selection and implementation, covering:
- people,
- process and
- technology

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06-Mar-2012 Ethical Dimensions of the Global Economic Crisis David Olive, business and current affairs columnist at the Toronto Star, speaks on the awesome power of a select few self-interested individuals to bring the world economy to its knees in the 2008 global financial meltdown that triggered the Great Recession from which North America is still recovering, and whose aftershocks are now pummelling European economies. Olive discusses the surprisingly half-hearted measures undertaken so far to prevent a recurrence, and Mark Carney's laudable efforts to reform the global financial system while continuing with his duties as Governor of the Bank of Canada. View Speech
29-Feb-2012 Compliance & Ethics Program Best Practices

Andrea Falcione, Vice President, Advisory Services and Chief Ethics Officer, SAI Global

Please join us for a networking breakfast followed by a presentation by SAI Global on Compliance and Ethics (C&E) Program Best Practices. Drawing on SAI Global’s extensive experience in supporting Global 2000 companies’ C&E programs, Andrea Falcione, Vice President, Advisory Services and Chief Ethics Officer, will provide new perspectives on implementing and sustaining effective programs, including the potential impact of new regulations. She will share ideas, present examples of program successes, and focus on tangible steps you can take away to develop or enhance your program.

Key Topics to be covered include:

• Standards & Procedures

• Tone at the Top & Tone at the Middle

• Program Structure

• Education & Communication

• Monitoring, Auditing & Reporting

• Incentives & Discipline

• Response & Prevention

• Risk Assessments

Ms. Falcione is an accomplished ethics and compliance consultant with extensive experience advising major corporations on all aspects of developing, enhancing, and evaluating enterprise-wide business integrity programs. Prior to joining SAI Global in 2004, Ms. Falcione practiced law for nine years. She is a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional and is a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association, and the National Association of Women Lawyers.

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19-Jan-2012 The importance of trust: Building an ethics based brand Patrick McGrade, Vice-President, Corporate and Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary, GlaxoSmithKline Inc.

Trust among stakeholders is important for any organization to operate successfully. For research-based pharmaceutical companies, the makers of innovative medicines and healthcare solutions, it is essential. Society’s expectation is that the pharmaceutical industry interacts with its customers – healthcare providers and payors – with the highest standards of integrity, always with a focus on the patient. It is critical that all stakeholders, including government, see Canada's research-based pharmaceutical companies as trusted partners in improving the well being of Canadians. Join Patrick McGrade, GSK’s Vice-President, Corporate and Legal Affairs and the Chair of the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation, as he explores how GSK is building its public trust account by focusing on the company’s core values.

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23-Nov-2011 Social Media Policy – TD Bank Group’s Approach Mark Crestohl, Associate Vice President, Human Resources, TD Bank Group

Earlier this year, the TD Bank Group launched a three pronged approach to mitigating risks related to employee use of social media: it developed a policy approach, an employee Guideline and an online training module. Mark Crestohl, Associate Vice-President Human Resources will discuss how TD tackled the issue and demonstrate the final products.

10-Nov-2011 The Ethics of Pensions: Fulfilling Employers’ Obligation to their Retirees Jim Stanford, Economist, Canadian Auto Workers

Pension policy makers have debated the relative merits of public pensions, defined benefit pensions, and defined contribution pensions. Meanwhile, however, statistics show that the proportion of Canadian workers who receive any pension whatsoever from their employer has been declining steadily. Do employers have an ethical obligation to help provide for their workers after retirement? Or is labour just another "just in time" resource, to be purchased when necessary, and discarded when not. Jim Stanford will consider these issues -- both economic and ethical -- in mapping out the case for a more comprehensive and reliable pension system.

EVENT SPONSORED BY: Power Workers' Union

25-Oct-2011 Webinar on Comparative Study of 15 CSR Standards David Nitkin, President, EthicScan Canada Ltd.

Invitation: Please join us for a special EthicsCentre CA education program involving a review of recent research on CSR standards featuring a powerpoint presentation on the strengths and weakness of these standards. This online remote education webinar presentation by David Nitkin of EthicScan will consist of a PPT presentation followed by questions and answers.

Topic: In the spring of 2011, the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation commissioned EthicScan to examine and assess 15 global and national corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting and disclosure standards. This PowerPoint presentation captures in detail several of the strengths and weaknesses of these standards, many of which were designed for industry sectors with problem products or services. There have been many interesting and significant changes in standards over the last decade. You are invited to review the application lessons learned from this comparative research study, and have any of your individual questions answered.

Ordering of Individual Reports: Whether or not you participate in this webinar, you may want to look directly at the 15 reports themselves. Each detailed CSR standard report is 12-25 pages. Reports exist for GRI, CDP, Responsible Care, FSI, TSM, EITI, ISO 26000, the Equator Principles, Ceres, and six other standards. To access an electronic copy of any of the available reports through the EthicScan website, at any time, plug this address into your browser and look at the Standard Setting tab:
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