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25-Sep-2013 The Business Case for Sustainability in the Global Mining Sector Richard Ross, Former CEO and Chair Of Inmet Mining Corporation

The global mining sector has experienced a significant change during the past decade in the way it carries out its business. This change is being driven by ever increasing expectations by civil society regarding how mining companies steward the world's mineral resources. In the coming decade, the companies who will excel are those that will choose to operate in a manner which meets these expectations, creating value for all stakeholders in a responsible manner.


14-May-2013 Human Rights and Corporate Behaviour The Honourable Ian Binnie, Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
25-Apr-2013 Institutions, Ethics and Social Media: How is social media impacting the ethics of our institutions? Julia M. Satov, Critical thinking and Transformative Learning Facilitator

In asking the question, “How is Social Media Impacting the Ethics of our Institutions?”, there is an inherent assumption that our institutions operate with an ethical objective. This critical and reflective presentation will examine what those ethical imperatives are, and how the use of social media is impacting them. This presentation explores the areas of media & information, business & economy, government and politics, and education.

Julia is a facilitator of critical thinking and transformative learning. She is an internationally published author and has presented nationally on both her academic and professional work. Her scope surrounds critical engagement with global citizenship, social justice, media, business ethics, and equity. Julia keynoted at Capilano University in Vancouver in 2013, received the NCSPOD Exemplar Award in 2011, and was featured on Rogers Television as Most Dynamic Instructor in 2007. She holds an undergraduate honors degree in Philosophy (specialization in Applied Ethics), as well as a Certificate in Professional Ethics. She is completing her Masters of Education, concurrently with a Graduate Diploma in Language, Culture & Policy. She is currently an instructor and the Lead Global Citizenship & Equity Learning Advisor for Centennial College.

27-Mar-2013 Becoming a Compliance/Ethics Professional – Stories from the Trenches Moderator:

Georges Dessaulles, Chair, Ethics Centre CA, (Ret.) RBC, Compliance Director - Canada – Consumer & Corporate


Joan Grass, Patient Relations Coordinator, Mackenzie Health, Former Associate Director, Ethics & Policy Management, Bell Canada

Dr. Hentie Dirker, Regional Compliance Officer, Siemens Canada Limited

Zachariah Ezekiel, Director, Compliance - Regulatory Initiatives, Scotiabank

26-Feb-2013 Bullies Not Wanted - A review of RBC's "Living our Values" initiative Teri Monti, Director, Employee Relations and Ken Brown, Employee Ombudsman, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

In 2010, Royal Bank of Canada supported the launch of its new Respectful Workplace Policy with an innovative web-based learning series called Living Our Values. Teri Monti and Ken Brown from RBC will share content from this award-winning program and discuss how both the learning series and policy raised awareness of what is and what is not appropriate behaviour in today’s workplace.

05-Feb-2013 Governance and Ethics: Reflections of a Board Advisor David W. Anderson, Founder and CEO, The Anderson Governance Group

Corporate governance continues to undergo a remarkable transformation in how business stakeholders perceive, use and try to influence its power. Much is at stake. It is no overstatement to say that our wealth as a society and the health of political systems (at home and abroad) are closely tied to the mindsets, motivations and behaviours of corporate directors, the executives they hire, and the owners who appoint them. In his work with boards, David sees how decisions are made which launch, shape and end careers, enterprises and industries. Is there reason to believe boards are swayed by ethics in the pursuit of profit? Would the wealth of corporations be enhanced or diminished by board-level ethical guidance? Which stakeholder's ethical framework would take precedence? He will offer thoughts on how governance and ethics are co-evolving - and how you can help.

David Anderson serves as a board and CEO advisor for public, crown and private organizations, and his articles regularly appear in Canadian and international publications. He was Special Advisor to the American National Association of Corporate Directors’ (NACD) Blue Ribbon Commission on Board Evaluation in 2001 and to five subsequent Commissions. NACD’s Directorship magazine named him to its “Directorship 100 – People to Watch” list of the most influential thinkers and practitioners in US corporate governance in both 2010 and 2011. The Centre looks forward to a fascinating address and stimulating discussion afterward.

22-Jan-2013 Evolution or Revolution? Integrated Reporting and Tomorrow’s Company David Simpson, Director, InterPraxis

According to Peter Bakker, President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), better accounting and reporting mechanisms such as those being pursued by integrated reporting can help us advance society or, in his words, “accountants are going to save the world.” Not social entrepreneurs. Not virtuous companies. Not scientists. Yes, accountants.

David Simpson, former Director of Standards and Collaborative Governance at AccountAbility, and current member of the assurance technical committee of the International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC), will provide an overview of integrated reporting, its relationship to financial and sustainability reporting, and what it means for sustainability, strategy, corporate governance and corporate accountability more generally. His remarks will look at some of the challenges facing integrated reporting and how integrated reporting can be utilized to foster a truly integrated strategy for organizations that can deliver value to all of its stakeholders.

11-Dec-2012 Corporate Integrity and Whistleblower Retaliation Kenneth Jones, Director, Risk Consulting, KPMG LLP and Joe Clooney, Director, Ethics & Compliance, KPMG LLP

Kenneth Jones of KPMG will provide insights on organizational perceptions about whistle-blowing, program effectiveness and likely corporate responses, based on their Corporate Integrity Survey. His remarks will offer insights about corporate views on preventing, detecting and responding to misconduct, including threats of retaliation, as well as provide practical information on Building a Retaliation Monitoring Program.

07-Nov-2012 Business and Human Rights-Can These Two Partners Dance? Event Sponsors: Deloitte & Touche LLP and Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP


Barb Finlay, Deputy Ombudsman, Office of Ombudsman of Ontario

Peter Julian, MP, Burnaby-New Westminster,BC. Official Opposition Critic for Energy and Natural Resources and National Caucus Chair

Honourable John McKay, MP, Scarborough-Guildwood, ON Liberal Party of Canada, Critic for Defense

Business concerns and human rights issues are often seen as two separate and distinct silos. Academically, they are generally taught in different faculties and the dialogue between the two worlds is sparse. We invite you to come and hear our expert panel of policy makers and decision makers discuss and debate how and why this chasm is narrowing and where Canada is situated on these issues.

01-Nov-2012 Corruption: A threat to recovery, sustainability and a fairer world Laurence Cockcroft, a development economist by profession and a founding member of the international Board of Transparency International, has been closely involved with issues relevant to the developing world since 1966. He has worked for the governments of Tanzania and Zambia, international organisations (including the UN, FAO and World Bank), a large UK agribusiness company and a private Foundation. In 1989 he published the book, 'Africa's Way: A Journey from the Past', on the inter-relationship of politics and development questions in Africa. He has served on the Board of TI-UK, including eight years as Chair, and also chaired the international group which developed the Business Principles for Countering Bribery and pioneered the work of TI-UK on Corruption in the Official Arms Trade. His latest book Global Corruption: Money, Power and Ethics in the Modern World was released in September 2012.

Mr. Cockcroft will address the question of why corruption remains such an important problem both within and between countries, discuss the progress in fighting corruption, over the last 15 years, and examine the underlying problems which make real progress so difficult. He will speak specifically about the ways in which political finance, organised crime, the channelling of illegally mined and manufactured products into the world trade system and price manipulation in international trade combine to keep global corruption a continuing threat. He will argue that these forces continue to threaten solutions to the problems which define our future, notably the credibility of the international system, climate change and the continuing dangers of failed states. Finally, he will summarise his view of the ways forward as captured in his recent book, Global Corruption.

Event co-sponsored by: Transparency International Canada Inc.

Ethics Centre member rate will apply to TI-Canada Members.

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