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Below is a list of our past events.

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06-Feb-2014 Responding to the Bangladesh Tragedy On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1,100 people, thought to be one of the worst industrial disasters in history. Details quickly emerged that warnings to evacuate the building the day before were ignored by a number of factories. Several well-known clothing brands had garments made in these factories, including Joe Fresh of Loblaws. Within days of the tragedy, Loblaws, which was one of the first firms to publicly acknowledge it had garments manufactured in the building, was also one of the first to announce that it would “provide compensation to the workers and families of the collapsed factory…in the best and most meaningful way possible.”

Bob Chant, Senior Vice-President Corporate Affairs and Communication of Loblaw Companies Limited will discuss the backdrop to this tragedy and how Loblaws came to so quickly take a leadership position in helping the victims and to take concrete steps to protect foreign workers from being exposed to unsafe working conditions in the future. He will also bring us up to date on what has transpired in the six months since that heartbreaking day.

28-Jan-2014 Off-shoring and Near-shoring: Reputational Risks from Fraud and Corruption Peter Dent (CA, IFA, CPA, CFE, CIA) Partner & National Practice Leader, Deloitte Forensic, Financial Advisory, Deloitte LLP and Chair, Transparency International Canada

Dealing with global supply chain risks is a never-ending effort and the risk of corruption and fraud make for their own unique challenges. Reputations are inextricably linked to business partners throughout the supply chain, and their adherence to an agreed code of conduct, making due diligence and audits a necessary risk management strategy. But what constitutes an effective amount of due diligence or a supplier audit? How much effort is required? We will explore these and other questions as part of this session.

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14-Jan-2014 Offshoring from a macro ethical perspective – balancing the economic advantages with the ethical decisions involved to offshore Diane Francis, award-winning columnist, bestselling author, journalist, broadcaster and entrepreneur joins the Centre on January 14, 2014. Ms. Francis is Editor-at-Large at the National Post, a blogger with Huffington Post and a Distinguished Professor at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management. An expert on geopolitics, business and white collar crime, Ms. Francis has written nine books on white collar crime, politics, immigration, economics and finance, including the bestseller, Who Owns Canada Now: Old Money, New Money and the Future of Canadian Business.
12-Nov-2013 Theft, Abuse, & Cooking the Books: ClearView’s 2013 Workplace Ethics Survey Michelle Vincent, Director of Ethics Advisory Services, ClearView Strategic Partners Inc.

What are Canadians’ perceptions about ethics in their workplace?

In June 2013, through ClearView’s research partner Ipsos Reid, ClearView surveyed over 1000 working Canadians to determine the answer to that question. They asked about tone at the top, Codes of Conduct, misconduct, reporting, retaliation, performance pressure, and ethics programs.

• The ethics program tools that are associated with lower observed misconduct

• The factors in the workplace that influence employees’ attitudes about reporting misconduct

• The surprising difference between perceptions of senior management and employees about ethics in the workplace

Join us to discuss the results in detail!

23-Oct-2013 Compliance Surrounding Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality Brenda Swick, Partner, International Trade and Investment and Chair of Government Contracting Practice, McCarthy Tétrault

A common challenge facing companies is the handling of gifts and hospitality to foreign and domestic government officials, as well as the treatment of gifts and hospitality to and from non-government persons such as customers and suppliers.

This discussion will review these and other key questions:
- What types of hospitality with domestic and foreign officials are permissible under Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Government Officials and Criminal Code?
- When do gifts to officials cross the line from being part of a custom to being interpreted as a bribe?
- When can offering or accepting gifts, entertainment or other benefits be mistaken for improper payments, secret commissions, bribes or kickbacks?
- What strategies can companies employ to ensure full compliance in gift giving, travel, entertainment and hospitality?

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02-Oct-2013 Waging War on Corruption The Ethics Centre and Transparency International Canada are pleased to welcome Frank Vogl, author of “Waging War on Corruption – Inside the Movement Fighting the Abuse of Power”. In his remarks Mr. Vogl (a co-founder of Transparency International, former international correspondent for The Times of London and former World Bank chief spokesman) will argue that we are at a crucial tipping point in scores of countries in the fight against corruption that impacts global poverty, human rights, security, business and finance. This promises to be a very interesting presentation, occurring as Canada takes measures to toughen its own regulatory environment in its fight against bribery and corruption.
25-Sep-2013 The Business Case for Sustainability in the Global Mining Sector Richard Ross, Former CEO and Chair Of Inmet Mining Corporation

The global mining sector has experienced a significant change during the past decade in the way it carries out its business. This change is being driven by ever increasing expectations by civil society regarding how mining companies steward the world's mineral resources. In the coming decade, the companies who will excel are those that will choose to operate in a manner which meets these expectations, creating value for all stakeholders in a responsible manner.


14-May-2013 Human Rights and Corporate Behaviour The Honourable Ian Binnie, Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
25-Apr-2013 Institutions, Ethics and Social Media: How is social media impacting the ethics of our institutions? Julia M. Satov, Critical thinking and Transformative Learning Facilitator

In asking the question, “How is Social Media Impacting the Ethics of our Institutions?”, there is an inherent assumption that our institutions operate with an ethical objective. This critical and reflective presentation will examine what those ethical imperatives are, and how the use of social media is impacting them. This presentation explores the areas of media & information, business & economy, government and politics, and education.

Julia is a facilitator of critical thinking and transformative learning. She is an internationally published author and has presented nationally on both her academic and professional work. Her scope surrounds critical engagement with global citizenship, social justice, media, business ethics, and equity. Julia keynoted at Capilano University in Vancouver in 2013, received the NCSPOD Exemplar Award in 2011, and was featured on Rogers Television as Most Dynamic Instructor in 2007. She holds an undergraduate honors degree in Philosophy (specialization in Applied Ethics), as well as a Certificate in Professional Ethics. She is completing her Masters of Education, concurrently with a Graduate Diploma in Language, Culture & Policy. She is currently an instructor and the Lead Global Citizenship & Equity Learning Advisor for Centennial College.

27-Mar-2013 Becoming a Compliance/Ethics Professional – Stories from the Trenches Moderator:

Georges Dessaulles, Chair, Ethics Centre CA, (Ret.) RBC, Compliance Director - Canada – Consumer & Corporate


Joan Grass, Patient Relations Coordinator, Mackenzie Health, Former Associate Director, Ethics & Policy Management, Bell Canada

Dr. Hentie Dirker, Regional Compliance Officer, Siemens Canada Limited

Zachariah Ezekiel, Director, Compliance - Regulatory Initiatives, Scotiabank

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