Past Events

Below is a list of our past events.

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05-Nov-1997 Temptation Surrounds Us: Identifying the Apple Biters (Luncheon Speaker Series) Deborah Thompson, Vice President, Lute & Company View Speech
01-Oct-1997 Non-Financial Measures of Corporate Social Performance (Luncheon Speaker Series) David Nitkin, EthicScan Canada
17-Sep-1997 An Update on the Ethical Governance of Mutual Funds (Luncheon Speaker Series) Glorianne Stromberg, Commissioner of the Ontario Securities Commission View Speech
07-Apr-1997 The Changing Nature of Work' Ethical Options and Solutions (Conference or Seminar) One-day conference co-sponsored by The Conference Board of Canada, with assistance from the Royal Bank of Canada. Work, as we used to know it, has been changed by economic, technical and other pressures to involve higher levels of efficiency, cost cutting, information and stress. This conference brought forward constructive options, best practice solutions and innovative alternatives to assist decision makers in their planning for the changing nature of work.
02-Apr-1997 A Debate. Resolved: That Corporations Should be Accountable Only to their Shareholders (Luncheon Speaker Series) Terence Corcoran, Columnist, The Globe & Mail and Carol Hansell, Partner, Davies, Ward & Beck View Speech
30-Nov-1995 Developing and Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Culture (Conference or Seminar) One day conference co-sponsored by York University's Division of Executive Development. Developing and Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Culture means establishing a set of shared values for an organization that support and encourage ethical behaviour.
17-Feb-1993 Changing Values and their Impact on Business and The Workplace (Conference or Seminar) The purpose of this conference was to explore the ethical implications of the changing values affecting management, employees and labour relations and to consider ways of building cooperative community in the workplace as an alternative to the adversarial approach.
15-Feb-1990 Business and the Environment: An Ethical Solution (Conference or Seminar) You're here to learn to change the corporate value system, to integrate ethical values with economic values. A environmental-impact management case study formed the framework for the conference, as participants were asked to apply the case to the insights gained from leading academics, businesspeople, environmentalists, politicians and government officials with whom they exchanged ideas.

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