Past Events

Below is a list of our past events.

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04-Mar-1999 Risk Comes in Many Disguises (Luncheon Speaker Series) Norm Inkster President, KMPG Investigation and Security Inc.
04-Feb-1999 The Success of E-Commerce May Hinge on a Fundamental Human Right, Privacy: How to Deliver (Luncheon Speaker Series) Ann Cavoukian, Commissioner, Ontario Information and Privacy Commission
02-Dec-1998 Ethical Responsibility in the Global Marketplace (Luncheon Speaker Series) Roy Culpeper, President, North-South Institute View Speech
04-Nov-1998 The Governance and Accountabilities of Charities (Luncheon Speaker Series) Robert Brown, The Panel on Accountability and Governance of the Voluntary Sector Roundtable
07-Oct-1998 Ethics and Accountability in the Media (Luncheon Speaker Series) Lorrie Goldstein, Editor, The Toronto Sun
07-Sep-1998 Ethics in Sport (Luncheon Speaker Series) Ken Dryden, President and General Manager, Toronto Maple Leafs
06-May-1998 Moral Leadership: Naked in the Public Square (and no sunscreen) (Luncheon Speaker Series) Robert Evans, Evans Charles Associates
04-Mar-1998 Doing Business in Foreign Cultures (Luncheon Speaker Series) Prof. Len Brooks, Rottman School of Management, University of Toronto View Speech
04-Feb-1998 The OECD Bribery Convention and Its Implications for Canadian Business (Luncheon Speaker Series) Milos Barutciski, Davies, Ward & Beck
03-Dec-1997 Ethical Trends in Corporate Giving (Luncheon Speaker Series) Gilles Rheaume, Vice President, Policy, Business & Society, The Conference Board of Canada and Chris Pinney, Director, Imagine Program, Canadian Centre for Philanthropy

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