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Below is a list of our past events.

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01-Jun-2000 The Culture of Work and the Benefits of Flexible Work Time (Luncheon Speaker Series) Arthur Donner, Economist and Chair of the Federal Advisory Group on Working Time and The Distribution of Work. View Speech
02-May-2000 Corporate Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making in a Global Economy. Deciding Between the Right Thing to Do& and the Right Thing to Do - Breakfast Workshop (Conference or Seminar) The workshop featured a key note address by Courtney Pratt, CEO of Ontario Hydro Networks Company and Chairman of the Imagine Campaign, speaking on the role of business in civil society and its implications for the bottom line. Participants were also invited to work through an international case study scenario and contribute to what was a lively discussion, moderated by internationally renowned author and expert on business ethics, John Dalla Costa. View Speech
06-Apr-2000 Launching a New Company with a Long History: The Challenges of Culture Change (Luncheon Speaker Series) Eleanor Clitheroe, President and CEO, Hydro One View Speech
02-Mar-2000 The Role of Ethics in a Fair, Efficient and Effective Marketplace (Luncheon Speaker Series) Barbara Stymiest, President, Toronto Stock Exchange View Speech
20-Jan-2000 Who bribes whom and how often? (Luncheon Speaker Series) James P. Cooney, General Manager, Strategic Issues, Placer Dome Inc. and Dr. A. Wesley Cragg, George R. Gardiner Professor of Business Ethics, York University; Chair and President, TI-Canada; Co-sponsored with Transparency International Canada.
02-Dec-1999 Ethical Consideration for Small Business: Avoiding the Ethical Minefield (Luncheon Speaker Series) Catherine Swift, President and CEO, Canadian Federation of Independent Business View Speech
14-Oct-1999 Safety: The Ultimate Ethics Issue (Luncheon Speaker Series) Paul Kells, Vice Chair and Founder, Safe Communities Foundation
15-Sep-1999 The 1999 Canadian Business Ethics Summit Convened by: Canadian Centre for Ethics & Corporate Policy, The Conference Board of Canada and The Globe and Mail. Leaders in the business ethics community joined together to discuss and analyze intersections of business ethics, corporate governance and social responsibility at three Business Ethics Summits in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Various stakeholders from across Canada and the United States including business associations and non-profit representatives were invited to focus on sharing information, identifying priority issues and taking appropriate actions to move the business ethics agenda forward.. View Speech
06-May-1999 Towards a Realistic International Child Labour Policy (Luncheon Speaker Series) Hélène Yaremko-Jarvis, Canadian Employers Council Delegate to the International Labour Organization View Speech
04-Apr-1999 Beyond Product Sales: Considerations other than the Bottom Line (Luncheon Speaker Series) David Brown, Chairman, Ontario Securities Commission; Co-sponsored with the Institute of Corporate Directors View Speech

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