Past Events

Below is a list of our past events.

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27-Feb-2003 Delivering on Commitment: Why Ethics are critical to financial reporting and the role of auditors in upholding them. (Luncheon Speaker Series) Bill MacKinnon, Chairman & CEO, KPMG View Speech
31-Jan-2003 Renewing Organizational Trust in a Time of Suspicion (Luncheon Speaker Series) John Dalla Costa, Author and Consultant, Carol Faull, Jim Allen, Centre for Ethical Orientation
07-Nov-2002 Ethics and the Federal Government: Enhancing the Trust of Canadians (Luncheon Speaker Series) Howard Wilson, Federal Ethics Counsellor View Speech
25-Oct-2002 Challenges to Corporate Governance: Moving Forward (Luncheon Speaker Series) David Leslie, CEO, Ernst & Young LLP
06-Jun-2002 Principled Leadership: The Melding of Ethics and Corporate Policy (Luncheon Speaker Series) Paul Bates, President and CEO of Charles Schwab Canada
23-May-2002 How Do Ethical Standards Apply to In-House Counsel? (Luncheon Speaker Series) Derek Hayes, Consultant, Stikeman Elliott View Speech
04-Apr-2002 Holding Business Accountable: The OMERS Approach (Luncheon Speaker Series) Dale E. Richmond, President and CEO of OMERS View Speech
06-Mar-2002 Public Trust: Who's Accountable? (Luncheon Speaker Series) Jon Grant, Chair, Laurentian Bank of Canada and former Chair of the Canada Lands Company Limited View Speech
06-Dec-2001 Implementing Ethics at General Electric (Luncheon Speaker Series) Michael Davies, Vice-President & General Counsel, GE Canada
22-Nov-2001 Trust in Society: Where are We Headed? (Luncheon Speaker Series) The Honourable Bob Rae, Partner, Goodmans LLP and Former Premier of Ontario

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