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Below is a list of our past events.

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09-Oct-2003 Challenges To Acting Ethically in a Global Marketplace (Luncheon Speaker Series) Eric Siegel, Executive Vice President Medium & Long-Term Financial Services, Export Development Canada View Speech
22-Sep-2003 Blowing the Whistle on Ethical Lapses: Accountability, Responsibility and Stewardship, Calgary and Toronto (Conference or Seminar) Whistle blowing is an issue that continues to be highly topical with recent incidents and developments in the public and private sector in both Canada and the U.S. At this event, the theme of whistle blowing was used as the lens for exploring the wider issues and challenges associated with accountability, ethical conduct, appropriate use of knowledge, and safeguarding organizational integrity within the private and public sector View Speech
03-Jun-2003 The Thin Blue Line Must Rise With Honour and Distinction (Luncheon Speaker Series) Chief Julian Fantino, Chief of Police, Toronto Police Service View Speech
12-May-2003 Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe - Are there Lessons for Canada? (Luncheon Speaker Series) Chris Pinney, Vice-President, Corporate Citizenship, Canadian Centre for Philanthropy View Speech
24-Apr-2003 From Corporate Values to Lived Principles: Building an Ethical Culture (Luncheon Speaker Series) Rose Patten, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources & Head, Office of Strategic Management, BMO View Speech
27-Mar-2003 Moving From Ideas to Outcomes: Next Steps in Corporate Governance & Performance (Luncheon Speaker Series) Alex Leman, President & CEO, Leman Group View Speech
27-Feb-2003 Delivering on Commitment: Why Ethics are critical to financial reporting and the role of auditors in upholding them. (Luncheon Speaker Series) Bill MacKinnon, Chairman & CEO, KPMG View Speech
31-Jan-2003 Renewing Organizational Trust in a Time of Suspicion (Luncheon Speaker Series) John Dalla Costa, Author and Consultant, Carol Faull, Jim Allen, Centre for Ethical Orientation
07-Nov-2002 Ethics and the Federal Government: Enhancing the Trust of Canadians (Luncheon Speaker Series) Howard Wilson, Federal Ethics Counsellor View Speech
25-Oct-2002 Challenges to Corporate Governance: Moving Forward (Luncheon Speaker Series) David Leslie, CEO, Ernst & Young LLP

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