Past Events

Below is a list of our past events.

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09-Mar-2007 The Ethical Calculus of Sport (Luncheon Speaker Series) Richard Pound, O.C., O.Q., Q.C., FCA.
World Anti-Doping Agency chair speaks on ethics in sport.
06-Dec-2006 Do Values Matter? (Luncheon Speaker Series) David Callahan, Author, Journalist and Co-Founder, Demos View Speech
24-Oct-2006 Corporate Loyalty: A Trust Betrayed Brian Grosman, Grosman, Grosman & Gale LLP
14-Jun-2006 Ethics in the News (Luncheon Speaker Series) Paul Knox, Chair of the Ryerson School of Journalism
23-May-2006 Ensuring a Culture of Integrity (Luncheon Speaker Series) Dr. Bernard Shapiro, Ethics Commissioner, Parliament of Canada
18-Apr-2006 Flu Pandemic and the Ethical Implications for Business (Luncheon Speaker Series) Dr. Kirsty Duncan, Medical geographer and author of Hunting the 1918 Flu View Speech
14-Mar-2006 How Nortel is Revitalizing its Ethics and Compliance Program (Luncheon Speaker Series) Susan E. Shepard, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Nortel
24-Nov-2005 Integrity in the Financial System (Luncheon Speaker Series) Gordon Thiessen, Chair, Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB), Former Governor of the Bank of Canada
27-Oct-2005 Building Confidence: Lessons from the corporate and public sectors (Luncheon Speaker Series) The Honourable Coulter Osbourne, Integrity Commissioner, Province of Ontario Commissioner and Rob Johnson, HP Canada
08-Jun-2005 Ethics and Energy Forum (Conference or Seminar) Energy has a profound impact on the economy, the environment and society. Job creation, community development, environmental integrity, politics, cost and health and safety all play a role in determining the type and range of energy used, be it gas, renewables, or nuclear. View Speech

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