Developing an effective business ethics education program is increasingly becoming a priority for many business schools.

Various companies and organizations are also looking for ethics training and skills development for current employees.  Ethics practitioners and academics themselves are always looking for new ways to enhance their skills and acquire new knowledge.  

The resources included in this section provide an overview of the business ethics education field and will point you in the right direction whether you are choosing an education program, finding a case for a program you may be facilitating, or looking for information on current research in the field.

Case Competition for the Simon Fish Ethics Case Award

The Canadian Centre for Ethis and Corporate Policy is pleased to announce a Case Competition to honour Mr. Simon Fish, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel, BMO Financial Group, and recipient of the 2013 General Counsel of the Year Award.

Professor Eduardo Schiehll, PhD, FCPA, FCMA, Gokhan Turgut, PhD Candidate and Elise Demers, MSc, CPA have won 1st place in the Case Competition for the Simon Fish Ethics Centre Award. The title of the case is “Board Composition and Governance Dilemma at Magna International”.*

Jim Grant, PhD, Associate Professor, Acadia University wins second place in the Case Competition for the Simon Fish Ethics Centre Award.  The title of his case is “An Errant Knight: (Dis)Honesty and Ethics in the Dismissal of a Senior, Long-Term Employee”.*

*Teaching Notes are available to instructors by contacting the Ethics Centre office directly at


From time to time the Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy offers an award for graduate students in the amount of $5000.00. The purpose of the award is to fund research leading to a report to be submitted to the Centre on a topic related to applied business ethics. Potential applicants are encouraged to monitor this site in order to learn whether a competition for the award will be conducted in any given year.

2010 Scholarship Winner

Gail Henderson, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto: "The Role of the Board of Directors in Protecting the Environment for Future Generations"

2011 Scholarship Winner

Nazila Assasi has been awarded the Ethics Centre’s 2011 scholarship in applied business ethics for her project Addressing Ethical and Moral Issues in Health Technology Assessment. The project aims to develop a practical framework for integrating ethics into the health technology assessment process. Nazila is currently a PhD candidate in Health Research Methodology at McMaster University in Hamilton. She earned a Doctor in Medicine (MD) from the University of Tabriz in Tabriz, Iran; then a Master’s in Public Health from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran; and finally a PhD in Epidemiology also from Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Ms. Assasi's final report Addressing Ethical and Moral Issues in Health Technology Assessment.

2012 Scholarship Winner

The winner of the Ethics Centre graduate award in applied business ethics for 2012 is Raymond B.Chiu, a second year Doctor of Business Administration student in the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University. He has been awarded the scholarship for his project “The Morally Good Employee: Transforming Organizations through Personnel Selection”.

In the words of Mr. Chiu: “Earlier this year, I started an unfunded stream of research on how organizations can use personnel selection methods to select employees for their ethical behaviour. How often does a firm decide that ethical behaviour is a prime qualification needed for hiring or promotion? I discovered that we lack both theoretical and practical frameworks to help us select employees for their ethical behaviour. The literature in not only human resource management, but also business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and risk management tends to neglect the use of selection tools to shape the ethical culture of an organization. My supervisor and his colleagues are in the process of proposing an ambitious research program to develop a selection method based on an integration of Eastern (Confucian) and Western (Aristotelian) leader virtues. My theoretical work would make a significant contribution to supporting this and other empirical research on developing selection methods.”

Mr. Chiu’s project will consist of a comprehensive literature review and framework development, then a review of current job analysis and personnel selection methods (e.g.,integrity tests to name one), followed by an agenda for future research. The particular project being funded by the Ethics Centre is but the beginning of a much larger project.

Mr. Chiu earned a B.A.Sc. (Civil Engineering) from the University of Toronto in 1991. He obtained an M.B.A. from the Schulich School of Business at York University in 2002. In addition to pursuing his current doctoral studies at DeGroote, he is working towards a Master of Theological Studies at Tyndale Seminary.



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